Video Games as Art

Post by Tim Roseborough   I cavalierly dismiss the argument that video games are not Art. As they evolve, in fact, video games will prove to be one of the highest forms of contemporary cultural expression, despite commercial intents or …

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Body Code Performance

YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE > Body Code is a live performance that conceptually focuses on the toxicity of man-made chemicals and how these harmful substances affect the human body. We are creating hazardous materials that simultaneously, destroy our bodies. The work …

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About the Artists

Keynote piece highlighting each of the participating artists of The Future Imagined: What’s Next? and their works in the show.

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4.3% of venture-funded companies are run by women; 55% of women-owned high firms are home based vs. 35% of male owned firms; 8.5% of Silicon Valley companies have a female board director. ~SF, Dec. 2011 For Immediate Release*:   The …

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Press Release

“People from technology don’t understand the creative process that these companies go through to make their products, and they don’t appreciate how hard it is. And the creative companies don’t appreciate how creative technology is; they think it’s just something …

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