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Guillermo Bert

Encoded Textiles

"People that comes from the clouds"
Textile and barcodes, natural wood and natural dyes
48" x 92"
Done by the Zapotec's weavers


The work of Guillermo Bert, a Chilean-born artist now living in Los Angeles, has been exhibited in the United States and South America and is included in the collections of numerous museums. Bert, the recipient of many awards and grants, has also been commissioned to create a number of public art works.

Mr. Bert is involved with an on going series, “Bar-codes,” which is relies on Universal Bar-Code symbols as a metaphor for capturing and, at the same time, obscuring identity.  This series evolved from a comment on consumerism to a multilayered analysis on globalism, technology, and the protection of indigenous cultures.

Bert’s current series, Encoded Textiles, will open in October 2012 at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.  Encoded Textiles creates hand-woven, large-scale tapestries that combine contemporary bar codes, the stories of native peoples, and indigenous design methods. The conversion of a poem or piece of spoken history into a high-tech bar code, and then its re-conversion back to a traditional weaving, represents the creation of an innovative cultural artifact that celebrates and revives traditional art forms. By translating ancient narratives into modern tapestries, Bert hopes to highlight the struggles of indigenous peoples to restore their culture in a globalized world.

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