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Kirkman Amyx

Election News

(Arranged according to the Laws of Chance),

2012, pigment ink print , 44" x 44"


Utilizing photographs from clipped newsprint headlines, this projects leverages digital technology and key-wording to cull, select, and montage relational topics from different national newspapers.

By choosing a specific data set of keywords over a specific time-frame, the combined headlines produce image patterns that both represent a temporal view of historical events, but also offer a visual quantification of possible bias.

The image shown contains all election related headlines from Jan 1st to Nov 3rd. on the covers of: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and USA today.


Kirkman Amyx is a photographer and digital media artist based in San Francisco. His recent work explores the use of photography as a data visualization tool which can allow for the seeing of patterns, structure, and meaning through image repetition. These conceptually based projects utilize a hint of science, data analysis, the measurement of time, and the dichotomy between chance and predictability.

He is a graduate with distinction from the Art Center College of Design, and also has an MFA from San Jose State University. In addition to his art practice, Kirkman also teaches photography and digital imaging at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he is Associate Director of Photography.


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