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Laura Greig

Neko, 2012

Video 2 mins long. Technology used is Arduino and MakerBot.

We are the first generation of people to have robots in our homes. We are the parents of the children of the robotic era; though they will evolve in ways we can neither control nor foresee, we are responsible for their most impressionable years. With this in mind, I teach robots to paint. Painting is probably our oldest mode of expression, and certainly my favorite.

Neko paints gradients, blending from one color to another. Robotics, like painting, is a constant negotiation with the available materials. Neko is my second oil painter, and first robot to be built with the help of a 3D printer. I use a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic in conjunction with Google Sketchup to create the white plastic pieces that make the joints. Through Neko I hope to learn colors out how people experience color."

Painting with Robots

I use art as a way to interact with the machines in my life. Sometimes I work with readymades, trying to find a medium that suits their mechanics. Sometimes I build new machines out of hobby and hardware store parts. I try to balance the rigor of a scientific practice with the spirit of an artistic one. I test hypotheses through experiments and careful documentation; I respect the history of painting as a sacred act. As I work on improving my painting practice, I try to build robots that can keep up.



  • BA in Philosophy from Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2005
  • MFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley, Class of 2009


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