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  • Farm:Table Parklet
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Luke Ogrydziak & Zoe Prillinger


Parklet Project San Francisco


OURCADIA is a synthetic landscape replacing two parking spaces in the Tenderloin.  Raised garden beds envelope two seating areas, creating immersive green clearings in the hard-edged Post Street canyon.  The organic forms offer a slice of ‘nature’ in contrast to the urban streetscape, while the sloping surfaces are open to interpretation with regard to use. 

OURCADIA is part of a series of projects that OPA has been developing which use computational design to control the behavior of slopes.  Within this context, OURCADIA was designed to optimize four types of desirable, objectively definable slopes:  slopes for sitting, perching, lounging, and planting.  OPA loosely defined geometric parameters for each of these conditions, then developed a growth simulation.  The form emerges from a combination of programmatic goals and a little (natural!) randomness.



Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects is a San Francisco-based design studio, focusing on progressive design that specializes in the inclusion of new media and digital technologies in architecture. Established in 2000, OPA has been globally recognized for projects that reflect a dense layering of architectural and technological issues. In the interest of broadening the range of design strategies, the office also sustains a commitment to formal and computational research.

Projects range in scale from institutions to private homes, as well as interior and object design. While originating as a response to specific requirements of site, program and client, each project evolves as an exploration of its own internal formal possibilities rather than reflecting a predetermined architectural style. As a result, the work is distinctive for its conceptual clarity and strong visual presence. Both partners attended Princeton University and were Friedman Visiting Professors at the University of California, Berkeley.

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