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Renée Rhodes



2012, choreographic explorations  + live streaming video + viewing station, dimensions variable



Remote explorations at the galaxy's edge, patterns emergent as invisible particles collide -- our explorations and discoveries are increasingly developping via virtual visualizations and travels remotely taken. Transmittance is fiction about exploring space through the virtuality of data streams and choreographic systems, in order to wonder at the entangled technologies of bodies and bytes. Observable traces from a series of remote choreographic explorations will be streaming on a live UStream observation channel from November 2012 - January 2013. Visit the Transmittance Observation Station @   and


Short bio 

Renée Rhodes is a San Francisco-based artist focusing on intersections between dance, technology and natural phenomena. Her video, dance, and installation work has most notably been featured at the Headlands Center for the Arts, SOMArts, San Francisco; Velocity Dance Center, Seattle; La Sala SAM, Santiago, Chile and Nexus Art Gallery, Manchester, UK. Her writing has been published in Media Fields Journal as well as in through the Dance Discourse Project (SF). Currently she is developping work to be featured at the Virtual Venues Symposium at UC Berkeley.

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