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Scott Summit


"I wanted to create a leg that had a level of humanity," Mr. Summit said. "It's unfortunate that people have had a product that's such a major part of their lives that was so underdesigned."


"Our efforts have been to connect additive manufacturing solutions to the people who stand to benefit from them the most. I look forward to new innovations coming from 3D printing to further enable these developments."  The technology has been radically transformed from its origins as a tool used by manufacturers and designers to build prototypes. The custom prosthesis shown was printed using 3D Systems Selective Laser Sintering, SLS® technology. It is manufacturing with a mouse click instead of hammers, nails and, well, workers. Advocates of the technology say that by doing away with manual labor, 3D printing could revamp the economics of manufacturing and revive American industry as creativity and ingenuity replace labor costs as the main concern around a variety of goods. "There is nothing to be gained by going overseas except for higher shipping charges," Mr. Summit said. Today anyone may also source a single part or a complex assembly with complete design to manufacturing services through Quickparts™, a global network of parts solutions. Bespoke Innovations uses this service regularly.


Scott Summit

Scott Summit is an industrial designer who focuses on the intersection of human needs, new technology, and design.  He founded Bespoke Innovations to explore how this combination may address challenging and nuanced needs, and how it may scale to help people throughout the world. Summit is the director of Technology, Bespoke Products at 3D Systems Corporation.

Bespoke Innovations plans to sell designer body parts. The company is using advances in 3D printing to create prosthetic limb casings wrapped in embroidered leather, shimmering metal or whatever else someone might want. Scott Summit, a co-founder of Bespoke, and his partner, an orthopedic surgeon, are set to open a studio where they will sell the limb coverings and experiment with printing entire customized limbs that could cost a tenth of comparable artificial limbs made using traditional methods.

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