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Tiffany Trenda

Live performance documentation taken from the locations:

Perform Chinatown, Scope Art Fair at Art Basel Switzerland, LACDA Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Autumn Lights Festival.


Technology includes: LCD screens, electronic components, printed latex body suit, 4 minutes


Body Code is a live performance that conceptually focuses on the toxicity of man-made chemicals and how these harmful substances affect the human body. We are creating hazardous materials that simultaneously, destroy our bodies. The work is interactive by encouraging the viewer to scan the artist’s body with their smart phone. This scan from the printed QR codes found on the artist's latex suit, will take them to a certain page found on the Body Code website ( Depending on where the viewer scans, they will read Google searches consisting of two key words: man-made chemicals and the corresponding part of the body eye, muscle, throat, etc.


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