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Tim Roseborough


2012, Touch screen monitors, Apple Mac Pro, Stainless Steel Stands, Custom Interactive Software, Sound


CYMN is an interactive art installation that re-imagines "Simon," the popular 1980s tabletop game. The artist expands the original playing environment using touch screens placed around an environment. The player must memorize the pattern related by these screens and touch each in the same sequence. The length of the sequence increases as the game progresses.


The installation is composed of three touch screen monitors mounted to stainless steel stands. The touch instruments are synched to a custom application designed by the artist that recalls the game play of the original "Simon" with contemporary and aesthetically stimulating visuals.


"CYMN is an artistic tribute to an icon in the history of electronic gaming, reinventing the spirit of the game by introducing it to the context of contemporary art. With CYMN, I am transforming popular play into Art," says Roseborough.


About the Artist


Tim Roseborough is a digital artist and musician. In 2012, Mr. Roseborough presented the online interactive arts and culture game, "A Puzzling Display," accompanied by a solo exhibition at the New Art Center in New York City. In 2011, Mr. Roseborough's audio interactive installation, "Singing Garden," was exhibited in a solo presentation at the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose, California.


Mr. Roseborough's art work and exhibitions have been included in numerous print and online publications, including Art In America, Art Practical dot com, ART News, the San Francisco Chronicle, SF Arts Monthly, the SF Examiner and the San Francisco Bay Guardian. He has performed and shown artwork at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the 2012 and 2010 ZERO1 New Media Biennials, The Performance Art Institute, Root Division, Artexpo New York, The Garage, San Francisco, ARTWork SF and Catharine Clark Galleries in San Francisco, CA. Mr. Roseborough lives and works in San Francisco, California.

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