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“People from technology don't understand the creative process that these companies
go through to make their products, and they don't appreciate how hard it is.
And the creative companies don't appreciate how creative technology is;
they think it's just something you buy. And so there is a gulf of understanding between the two of them.” 
~Steve Jobs



The Performance Art Institute of San Francisco proudly presents:

The Future Imagined: What’s Next?

An Exhibition Curated and organized by Hanna Regev

November 9 Opening at 6:30 p.m.

At 75 Boardman Place, San Francisco

The Performance Art Institute of San Francisco proudly presents “The Future Imagined: What’s Next?” curated and organized by Hanna Regev. The production is part of the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial, “Seeking Silicon Valley.”
Creativity, innovation, and evolution are the hallmarks of the Silicon Valley, a world leader in technological breakthroughs that often bring progress and societal benefits. Silicon Valley is hub of invention, innovation and discovery where great ideas become greater realities.
“The Future Imagined: What’s Next?” is an exhibition that will offer glimpses of uncharted territories in our, “new brave world.” that is changing in fundamental ways as we navigate in unchartered territories. Inspired by innovations all around the globe, invited artists will engage emergent technologies, to create new visions and imaginative objects for the future challenging us to experience the enigma called Silicon Valley in new terms.
In “The Future Imagined” over 40 artists with their collaborative partners salute the invention and vitality that defines Silicon Valley and how it interfaces with industries such as genetics, MRI, energy, robotics, augmented reality, information design, architecture and urban design. The exhibition highlights the interplay between artists, technologists and scientists as they converge to artistically test the limits of what is possible in a technologically driven world.
“The Future Imagined” will feature interactive models, electronic objects multimedia digital video, augmented reality, sound installations, emerging forms and new genres installations. These works will seek to facilitate a fresh discourse about contemporary art in the Digital Age: One that is deeply rooted in the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of the Silicon Valley.
“The Future Imagined: What’s Next” curated by Hanna Regev, opens Friday, November 9th at 6:30 p.m.  A one-hour walkthrough with the artists and their participating collaborating technology and science partners will begin at 7:00 pm. At the opening night, David Molina, composer, musician, and sound artist, AKA “Transient,” will unveil his new music using live sampling, electronics, voice, and an electric guitar. The work is in collaboration with video artist Ian Winters who has created a movement and sound light installation responsive to the act of performance and takes its inspiration from the major themes of “The Future Imagined” and the 2012 ZERO1 biennial.



About the Curator:

Hanna Regev curator of “The Future Imagined: What’s Next.” This exhibit is a production in three acts and part of the 2012 Zero1 Biennial opens November 9, 2012 and ends January 15 2013). Regev co-curated with Justin Hoover “Get Lucky: The Culture of Chance,” at SOMARTs, “Left to Chance: The Accidental Book Art” at the San Francisco Center for the Book, and “The Jaffo Mango: History, Myth, and Memory” at the IcTus Gallery with Kaya Minn. Regev is also the curator of “Keeping an Eye on Surveillance,”  “Mining the Cracks, Drips, and Markings” with Nancy Genn and Jim Melchert (2011), “The Seduction of Duchamp: Bay Area Artists’ Response,” and “Banned and Recovered: An Artists Intervention, a traveling exhibit with Exhibit Envoy.

Regev has an M.A. in Museum Studies and M.A. in Modern European History from San Francisco State University. She works with cultural organizations and art galleries in San Francisco and the Bay Area, producing cultural public programs and developing adult public programs in history, art, and museum practice.


Kirk Amyx, Michael Bartalos, Chris Bell, JD Beltran with Nigel Poor, Philip Benn with Peter Belkin, Guillermo Bert, Antonio Cortez, Nicholas de Monchaux, Ala Ebtekar, Michal Gavish with Yigal Blum, Roey Shaviv, Ruth Stark, and Etty Yaniv, Daniel Joshua Goldstein, Laura Greig, Farley Gwazda, Robin Hill (Janco Gravner), Theodora Varney Jones with Penny Olson and Rosa Anna de Filippis, Pantea Karimi with Daniel Konhauser, Carrie Katz with Sesh Mudumbai, Indira Martina Morre, Penny Nii with Mohammed Alabababidi and Enrique Gavidia, Luke Ogrydziak and Zoe Prillinger, Renee Rhodes, Tim Rosoborough, Paolo Salvagione, DC Spensley with Peter Spangler, Scott Summit, Yumika Tanaka, Tiffany Trenda, Corinne Whitaker, and Kenneth Wilkes.




The Performance Art Institute (PAI) is multifaceted art space dedicated to performance art and issues that matter in our society and culture. At the core of PAI is the artist-in-residence program, which is one of the first and only of its kind. In housing and showcasing new genre artists connected to performance, film, video, sound and avant-garde music, the artist-in-residence program focuses on the development and presentation of new work created in the freethinking and accessible atmosphere of PAI and San Francisco. Through creative alliances with local museums and nine bay area schools, artists from around the world are presented with the opportunity to meld their residency into the maximum creative environment to ideate, compose, perform and document fresh work.




ZERO1 Biennial founded in 2006 is a contemporary art event showcasing innovative artists who are working at the convergence of art and technology to reshape contemporary culture. The 2012 ZERO1 Biennial features an expanded program of exhibitions, public art installations, performances, and events including work by more than one hundred artists who challenge our notions of place and identity as they investigate the role Silicon Valley has played in changing the ways we work, live, and communicate globally.


To contact the artists or for further information, please call (415-566-7515) or


Works by Participating Artists